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The Body Language Mistakes Hurting Your Job Interview

For some, the job-hunting process ends when you finally receive a callback on your resume. While this attitude is perfectly fine for entry-level job seekers and those who are new to the workforce, those who experience the must success know that this is just the beginning. If it’s your resume that gets your foot in the door, it might be your body language that truly lands you the job.

Your Handshake

Opening up with a handshake may seem like an outdated tradition, but it’s still an appropriate greeting at the beginning of a job interview. However, it’s important to achieve the right grip; give too weak of a handshake and you might come off as brash, uncaring or overconfident. On the other hand, a handshake that is too strong might physically hurt your interviewer. Practice makes perfect when trying to come up with the perfect grip.

To complement the handshake, make sure to look your interviewer in the eye. Shake a total of three times and move on. Extending the process makes you seem nervous or unprepared, so it’s important to get this step over and out of the way as quickly as possible.

Your Arms

Most candidates forget all about their arms after the initial handshake. However, the proactive recruit knows how to sit confidently. Avoid crossing your arms and sit with your hands at your side or in your lap. This is standard etiquette for a job interview in nearly every profession or industry.

Your Walk

The way you walk and move can also say a lot about your demeanor. Remember to stand straight, avoid slouching and walk upright at all times. It’s important to convey the fact that you are proud of your achievements and secure in your abilities. Walking in the door confidently can help you make a strong first impression right from the start.

Your Nerves

It’s normal to be nervous about a job interview. From novice job seekers to professionals with established and successful careers, everyone experiences some amount of nervousness from time to time. However, it’s important to gain control over your nerves and reign in your emotions; even if it only lasts until the time you get home.

Excessive fidgeting, primping or playing around with your hands, hair or clothing is an immediate red flag. Those who are constantly fiddling with a cell phone, watch or another electronic device will also be viewed as nervous, bored or uninterested, so it’s best to turn off these devices or leave them in your car before your interview.

Paying Attention to Your Body Language and Controlling Your Actions

It’s easy to overlook the body language we project on a natural basis. After all, we don’t spend all of our time in front of a mirror to monitor our subconscious movements. It can useful to use the help of a mirror when practicing your posture, your facial expressions, and even your future conversations. Not only will this make you aware of your own body language, but it will help you control it during your next interview.

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