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Which Excel Skills Get You an Inventory Clerk Job?

Although the role might entail different responsibilities depending on the exact company you’re applying to, the job of the inventory clerk is a rather standard function. Not only will you be responsible for overseeing the company’s inventory management system, you’ll likely be tasked with duties in recordkeeping, data analysis and reporting.

One of the most useful tools you’ll find in the role is Microsoft Excel. Even if your job description doesn’t specifically call for the use of advanced charts or spreadsheets, you can still use Excel to add some flavor and excitement to an otherwise drab presentation or report.

Recordkeeping & Data Entry

Microsoft Office is a standard part of many clerical and administrative jobs. The software suite itself contains several different applications, including Microsoft Excel, which is used to manage spreadsheets, create invoices and track statistics related to productivity, profitability and day-to-day workflow. As useful as Excel is, there are some helpful skills that can improve your efficiency with the software right from the start.

Spreadsheet Creation & Management

It’s important to have a strong understanding of spreadsheets, graphs and charts. Not only do you need to know how to read and interpret the information, you might be called upon to create spreadsheets of your own. Microsoft Excel provides a streamlined interface for adding facts, figures and graphics; it even gives you several options for publishing your digital reports.

Accuracy & Attention to Detail

Spreadsheets might include any number of columns, rows and boxes that hold all kinds of information. Dollar amounts, customer names and even home addresses might all be included, and sometimes they appear on the same charts or graphs. If you’re in charge of creating, reading or managing spreadsheets as an inventory clerk, it’s important you are diligent, detail-oriented and accurate in your work.

Communication & Multitasking

You’ll be working with contacts and resources from many different departments and, in some cases, partners from different companies, on a daily basis. Not only does this require the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently, you’ll also put your multitasking skills to the test as you juggle the various accounts, timelines and other nuances of the job.

How Excel Works With the Other Applications in Microsoft Office Suite

Excel isn’t the only product within the Microsoft Office Suite. Other applications include the flagship word processing program, Microsoft Office, as well as Microsoft Access for database programming and PowerPoint for presentations. Although Excel is capable of performing most of the functions seen in all of the complementary programs, the skills used in one are easily transferrable to the others for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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