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The Checklist You’ll Be Thankful for During Your Next Job Search

A job search is a daunting task to say the least. Whether you are new to the workforce, returning after an absence or simply transitioning to a new industry or role, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the process. For best results, try to tackle this challenge in a straightforward manner and take it one step at a time – you’ll be glad you covered all of your bases once you finally do land that dream job.

Update your resume and cover letter.

Perhaps the most crucial step in the entire process, it’s hard to get anywhere in today’s job market without an attractive resume and matching cover letter. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy – in fact, simple job descriptions and concise achievements are often more impactful than documents filled with irrelevant or boring details. Remember: The idea here isn’t to provide information on every single task you’ve ever completed. Instead, try to focus on the most pertinent and relevant achievements for maximum effect.

Coordinate your social media profiles.

Not only is this a good way to show your organization skills and dedication to landing a lucrative job, it shows your potential future employers you truly have nothing to hide. Go ahead and set your profiles to public for all to see – you never know what new opportunities might come your way.

Use all resources at your disposal.

While it’s easy to apply to dozens or even hundreds of jobs online, don’t ignore the traditional options. Newspaper classified ads and local bulletin board posts are still highly effective ways of finding work in some communities. To increase your odds even further, ask your friends, family members and professional colleagues, too. Some might be able to provide a recommendation to their own workplace for you to pursue.

Practice your interview technique.

The old adage of “practice makes perfect” is a popular saying for a reason: because it’s true. It applies to all aspects of your life, including the job interview. While it might seem silly to do so, don’t be afraid to practice your posture in the mirror. If possible, enlist the help of a friend or family member to ask some practice interview questions. This kind of preparation can go a long way in increasing your comfort level when it comes time for the actual interview.

Initiate follow-up communications as necessary.

You don’t have to wait for an employer to contact you after an interview. If it’s been a couple of days since your last contact, feel free to reach out to them, either via email or telephone. Although they might not have any new information to give you right away, this simple act keeps your name fresh on their mind once they finally do make their decision.

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