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A Staffing Agency Saves Your Business Time by Performing These Activities

Staffing agencies, like Mega Force, can help your business in several different ways. Not only do our services help reclaim time for you and your teammates, they often lead to significant cost savings, too. Some of the services Mega Force offers include:

Credit & Criminal Background Checks

We strive to make sure all our recruits are of the highest caliber. Not only does this apply to their career and academic backgrounds, it extends to aspects of their personal lives, too.

A candidate with a criminal background or bad credit isn’t necessarily disqualified from an opportunity – that depends on the scope of their past crimes or credit delinquencies – but it’s important to know such information before committing to a hiring decision.

Experience & Education Verification

We also want to make sure each candidate is exactly who they say they are. To that extent, we dig into past employment and academic histories by contacting employers and schools to verify their credentials.

If something doesn’t match up, we’ll address it with the individual before adding them to our talent pool. With Mega Force, you’ll never have to worry about working with a recruit with an unverified past.

Drug Screening

Despite nationwide initiatives like the War on Drugs, recent studies show that drug use among Americans is actually increasing. Not only does this refer to illicit or illegal street drugs, it covers prescriptions, too.

A positive result for a prescribed medicine isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it does help determine what roles a recruit can or cannot fill. Jobs that require working with heavy machinery, for example, are usually out of the picture when legal prescription drugs are involved.

Skills Testing

To set our company apart from the rest, we also offer comprehensive skills testing for our recruits. You’re still free to host your own training and orientation programs – many employers do this to clarify expectations and highlight key objectives.

However, some companies don’t have the time to train and orient every single candidate who walks through the door. In this case, you can rely on Mega Force to train and verify skills that are crucial to their job performance. Not only does this help you achieve acceptable levels of productivity, it often leads to temp-to-hire situations and decreased turnover.

How Mega Force Saves You Time…And Money

As you can see, our entire business model is meant to save our clients time and money. Both are equally valuable – and both are essential to any business that hopes to succeed in the 21st century. If you feel the pressure of looming deadlines or other time constraints, or if you just want to supplement your current workforce will skilled temporary employees, contact Mega Force today!


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