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What Would Your Last Boss Say About You?

Although plenty of us do it, it’s never a good idea speak ill of a previous boss or employer. Even if it’s done in a private setting and kept between you and your co-workers, such negative talk is never productive.

But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? Just like you’ve formed opinions – either positive or negative – about your old bosses, they’ve probably formed their own opinions on you. What do their opinions say about you and your work ethic? How does it affect your performance at future jobs?

Gaining Insight Into Your Past Performance

It can be difficult to get an ex-boss to provide you with a personal assessment or review after you’ve already left their company. After all, they have a day-to-day job to attend. In most cases, you can rely on past performance reviews, notes and miscellaneous communication to get a clearer picture of your ex-boss’s point of view.

Asking former co-workers for their opinions is incredibly helpful. This is usually an easy and straightforward process – especially if you’ve maintained contact with your former teammates since leaving the company.

You might also consider a self-assessment. If possible, compare your work with the productivity of your previous teammates. Make sure to consider any rewards or praise you received, too. While these say a lot about your performance, the absence of any sort of professional recognition also speaks volumes.

If you haven’t kept in touch with your prior co-workers or bosses, your last resort is the human resources department. Most companies only preserve records for so long before long-term archival or in some cases, destroying them entirely, so it’s important to act fast. If it’s been more than five or 10 years since you’ve worked there, your chances of recovering any prior performance reviews are slim.

Turning the Insight Into Actionable Advice

Now that you’ve gained further insight into your past performance and have a clearer picture of your ex-boss’s viewpoint, it’s time to turn that information into useful and actionable advice.

Some improvements are more obvious and easier to make than others. If you’ve struggled with absences or late arrivals in the past, make sure to adjust your schedule so you can show up on time in the future.

Other shortcomings aren’t so easy to notice. If needed, feel free to share your insight with your friends, family members or current co-workers. Apart from helping you make the necessary adjustments, they might be able to provide even more advice on your future career development.

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