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Scared of Your Resume? You Won’t Be After These Tips!

Writing a resume is a daunting process. Between common industry standards, the expectations of hiring managers and the advice of friends, there’s a lot to consider – especially if this is your first time. However, this doesn’t have to be such a scary experience. By using the following tips, you can overcome your fears and make your next resume the best one yet!

Keep it Updated

It’s important to keep your resume updated. Not only do you want to update it with any recent changes in your job history, education or skills, but you also want to make sure it matches the standards for your industry. Resumes in the IT sector aren’t always the same as those in manufacturing, so it’s important to produce a document that is relevant to your profession.

When in doubt, have a look at the resumes of your friends and peers. You might even look online for some templates and examples to follow. Not only will this give you a better idea of your hiring manager’s expectations, it might even give you a “fill-in-the-blank” document that is much easier than creating one from scratch.

Get Feedback From a Trusted Colleague

While you might be tempted to start distributing your new resume immediately, especially if it looks good, try to take a moment or two and take a step back. If possible, hand it off to a friend or two and have them give an honest review. Their feedback can be invaluable when it comes to highlighting specific achievements, minimizing unnecessary experience or focusing on transferrable skills.

Make It Adaptable to Each Job

You can maximize your resume’s effectiveness by making sure it’s adaptable to each job. Not only does this eliminate the need for an entire rewrite every time you apply for a job, but it makes it easy to draw attention to the elements that are most relevant to each specific job.

When applying to jobs on a production line, for example, you might draw attention to your dexterity, diligence and multitasking skills. If you’re applying for a role as a warehouse manager, you can easily revise your resume to focus on your people skills and ability to lead teams. It gives the effect of a fresh, fully rewritten resume, while still giving you the ease of working from a customizable template.

Making the Most of Your Resume With Mega Force

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