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What Content Should Manufacturers Share on Social Media?

Social media isn’t all fun and games. While there are plenty of personal profiles across all social media sites, many businesses – including manufacturers – have experienced success through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and more. But this success isn’t a given. It takes a sound social media strategy, knowledge of current marketing tactics and even detailed insight into common consumer trends.

Educational / Training Videos

Many computer users are skipping traditional articles and blog posts in favor of interactive content – especially videos. Online producers create these videos with the hope they’ll eventually go viral and reach millions of viewers.

As a manufacturer, it’s not necessarily about how many views your content receives. Instead, it’s about targeting and reaching the right audience. Linking to relevant educational and training videos, whether they were produced by your company or not, is a great way to keep the target audience engaged while letting job seekers know exactly what skills and knowledge your company is looking for in new recruits.

Profiles From Other Social Media Sites

Don’t hesitate to share your profiles from other social media sites. Your LinkedIn presence can easily be shared across Facebook and vice versa. Not only does it maximize your company’s exposure on the web, but cross-posting content can save you time and expenses.

You can also link to the profiles of your partners or even to profiles you like for one reason or another. As long as its relevant to your sector of manufacturing, this strategy is a great way to grab the attention of as many online viewers as possible.

Corporate Branding and Culture

Finally, it’s important to share content that relates directly to your overall brand, company culture and mission statement. This content doesn’t even have to maintain relevancy with your manufacturing operations. Simply posting to other sites, profiles or companies that share similar values can go a long way in gaining new customers and making new connections in the industry.

Finding Help Through Mega Force

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