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Our Top Tips for Managers from 2018

Our blog provided a lot of helpful tips, tricks, and strategies for small, medium-sized, and large business in 2018. As we make our way into the new year, the team at Mega Force would like to look back at last year and highlight some of the top tips we’ve shared with you throughout 2018.

Ask Interview Questions that Actually Work

The initial interview gives you the chance to ask questions that relate specifically to the job at hand, but it’s important that you focus on asking questions that really make your applicants think. Some of these questions are:

  • As a superhero, what would your superpowers be?
  • What would be the name of your biography?
  • Who do you admire most and why?

Creative questions like these can cut the tension in nearly any interview, and they often result in equally creative answers. Not only does this give the interviewee the opportunity to think on their feet and respond to a question that they didn’t expect, but it can give the interviewer even further insight into an applicant’s background, demeanor, and overall mindset.

Boost Employee Retention

Recruiting talented workers in your industry is only the first step in successfully staffing a business – the hard part comes in keeping these staff members on a long-term basis. With so many companies battling issues with retention, we offered numerous tips to help secure top talent in your industry, including:

  • Provide ongoing and helpful training
  • Recognize and reward valuable employees
  • Maintain an emphasis on safety
  • Participate in community service

All of these strategies will promote retention and help drive your team to all-new heights in performance, efficiency, and consistency.

Read Books That Relate to Your Career Goals

We’ve also suggested several books that are worth reading, including:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Good is the Enemy of Great
  • What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Save Time by Working With a Staffing Agency

Finally, we offered some insight into the benefits of working with a staffing agency.

  • Automatic pre-screening of all applicants, including credit and criminal background checks
  • Verification of every applicant’s past career history and their academic credentials
  • Drug screening to test for illicit or illegal street drugs
  • Comprehensive skills testing to ensure readiness for specific jobs and tasks

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in North Carolina        

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save time and money by working with a staffing agency like Mega Force. Contact us today for more information and stay tuned to our blog for even more helpful tips, tricks, and advice throughout 2019!


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