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Take a Step Back and Evaluate Your Warehouse Safety Process with These Tips

The modern warehouse is a true model of efficiency. From neatly stocked shelves to organized stations and even separate lanes for pedestrians and vehicles, today’s warehouse settings are safer than ever before. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re perfect – and some unfortunate accidents still happen.

At Mega Force, we go to great lengths to emphasize safety in the workplace; but we can only do so much. It’s up to you, the individual employer, to play your part in ensuring employee safety, too.

Train Your Employees

Warehouse safety starts with proper training. Although some of your employees might have prior experience in similar settings, on-site training is still necessary to brief them on any specific hazards or nuances of your warehouse. Properly trained employees aren’t only productive and safe – they’ll boost the effectiveness of those around them, too.

Keep a Clean and Organized Warehouse

It’s critical to maintain a clean and organized warehouse at all times. Not only does it streamline and optimize day-to-day operations, including activities related to order picking, stocking, and general inventory control, but it’s also a key component of any safety program.

Maintain Heavy Equipment

Don’t forget to monitor your heavy equipment and perform light maintenance at regular intervals. This serves the dual purpose of increasing the lifespan of your machinery and reducing the chance of malfunction.

Since equipment malfunction is a major contributor to workplace injuries and fatalities, preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your valuable machinery in top shape while mitigating the risks posed to your operators.

Separate Human Workers from Robotics and Machinery

Robotics and industrial machines are playing larger roles in the warehouse of the 21st century. While most of them are meant to support and complement the human-powered workforce, they do add significant risks and challenges – including the potential for injury and even death.

As such, you should separate automated machines from your human workers whenever possible. This is easily achieved by using barricades or fences to designate areas and maintain separation on a long-term basis.

Achieving an Exceptional Safety Record With the Help of Mega Force

The professionals at Mega Force put a lot of emphasis on safety in the workplace – and that’s exactly why we provide initial safety orientation and training to our workers. Not only does this ensure that they’re fully prepared when entering your warehouse, but it opens them up for additional training once they reach the job site. Contact a top industrial staffing agency in North Carolina today for more information!


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