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What Do the Best CEOs Ask in Job Interviews?

The job interview is the biggest part of the entire job hunt. When job candidates get brought to the hiring manager, it’s imperative to find the best fit for your company. A combination of skills and personality that match your organization will continue the growth of your business.

Regardless of what you’re trying to learn, it’s important to learn from the best. In the hiring process, learning from the best chief executive officers will help your job interview process become even better. What do the best CEOs notice the most when interviewing new applicants and potential candidates?


Interviewers begin gauging respectfulness from the time a job candidate walks in the door. Did they show up on time? Were they prepared for the interview? Issues like this are a surefire sign of their respectfulness – for better or worse.

It sounds basic, but the basic details can’t be overlooked when bringing in a new candidate to your team. Would you like a warehouse worker to ignore a simple safety detail on a machine? That could lead to a terrible situation that is totally avoidable.

The top CEOs also use the interview to get a better feel for their levels of professional respect and courtesy. If a job candidate tries to talk over the interviewer or constantly interrupt them mid-sentence, they’re likely to come across as disrespectful. Common courtesies like waiting until it’s their turn to speak and making direct eye contact go a long way in showing off their respectfulness.


Today’s CEOs want candidates who are passionate about their jobs. Nearly every interviewer has encountered an applicant or two who just wasn’t into the job – whether they were forced to fill out an application by a loved one or even if they’re just trying to make ends meet. Conversely, good CEOs will recognize a truly passionate candidates when they see one – and they’ll often make it a point to hire them as soon as possible.


CEOs also want workers who are comfortable with the job in question. Prior experience in similar roles is extremely helpful here – but it’s not necessarily a hard and fast requirement. In many cases, simply showing a genuine interest in the field, discipline, or career path is enough to give the impression of their comfort in the workplace. A good CEO or interview knows how to spot this trait and will likely prioritize it over other skills and habits.

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