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Temporary Agencies Provide More Benefits Than You Think!

Temporary agencies tend to get a bad rap in today’s workforce. Job seekers tend to fall victim to the many misconceptions surrounding temporary and temp-to-hire jobs – including the impression that job agencies don’t provide their employees with the common benefits associated with other, more traditional jobs.

While this may be true in some cases, Mega Force provides temporary employees with a plethora of benefits and advantages, including:

Medical Insurance

Just because you’re working temporary jobs doesn’t mean that you’ll never get sick. Our comprehensive insurance package includes medical, dental, and life insurance coverage.


We offer short-term disability benefits for those who are injured on the job. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on coverage just because the job was temporary in nature.

Weekly Pay

Mega Force provides weekly pay for all of our recruits. While some companies make you wait weeks, we believe in timely pay for everyone – including temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent employees alike. Moreover, we pay directly into your personal bank account via direct deposit or with the convenient PayCard – whichever method you prefer!

Employee Recognition

It can be hard to gain on-the-job recognition as a temporary employee. The professionals at Mega Force understand this. As such, try to acknowledge the most valuable workers in every way possible – including through our dedicated Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year programs. Not only does this jumpstart the productivity of the recipients, but it prompts their co-workers and peers to strive for better and bigger things, too.


Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about the temporary staffing industry is the lack of 401(k). In reality, Mega Force provides a 401(k) retirement plan that is competitive with the offerings of other, full-time companies.

Retention and Referral Bonuses

We also offer monetary bonuses, too. All of our workers are eligible for an annual bonus of up to $250 for working at least 1,850 hours throughout the year. Additionally, our referral program lets you get paid for referring qualified friends to our service!

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in North Carolina

As you can see, many of the misconceptions surrounding the temporary staffing industry simply aren’t true. If you’re ready to get started and find out what else Mega Force has to offer, contact us right away for more information!




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