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Non-Traditional Places to Source Talent

The Information Age provides a wealth of sources when it comes to locating and recruiting talent. In fact, platforms like online classified ads and Internet-based job portals are so popular that they’ve become the mainstream. As a result, some of the best and most successful managers are turning to non-traditional methods for workforce recruitment.

Community Colleges

While community colleges were once a tried and true method of recruitment, many employers are ignoring this niche in favor of mainstream tools and strategies. Not only does this leave a gap in recruitment coverage, but it gives tenacious managers a great opportunity to gain an edge over the competition. With so many companies utilizing the traditional tools at their disposal, the ones who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box will ultimately benefit.

Company-Sponsored Programs

You might consider sponsoring an internal company program. Certification programs, skills boot camps, and industry conferences are all great options when it comes to attracting talent, prospecting for potential teammates, and hiring new recruits.

For best results, try to offer some sort of incentive to your attendees. Individuals are more likely to invest their time in something if it adds value to their life – or at least has the potential for added value in the future. This is why certification programs and skills boot camps work so great; they give the participants something tangible to work for that will also be useful in their future career.

High Schools

Don’t forget high schools! Another avenue that is largely ignored in the 21st century, high schools are still a great place to locate prospective workers for the future. Creating awareness and building interest in your company now – before they’ve made any long-term commitments – can go a long way when trying to fill your talent pipeline with fresh, young recruits.

To strengthen your efforts, try to target senior-level students and recent graduates. Since they’re at the end of their basic schooling, many are eager to enter the workforce for the first time.

Pursuing Non-Traditional Channels with Mega Force

The experts at Mega Force understand what it takes to recruit top talent in today’s competitive landscapes. We don’t rely solely on modern tools and strategies to locate qualified workers in your area. Instead, we take advantage of proven methods and non-traditional means to ensure you’re given access to the best talent available. Contact us today for more information!


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