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Latest Technology to Manage Your Workplace Attendance

Whether you realize it or not, your company’s success revolves around the attendance of your workers. It’s hard to meet quotas and produce goods when your workers aren’t showing up on time, and it’s even more difficult when they don’t show up at all. Thankfully, there are a number of tools you can use to track employee attendance, verify their hours, and ensure fair compensation across the board.  

Tracking Employee Time, Scheduling, and Attendance 

At the very minimum, you’ll need a system that tracks established schedules and verifies the attendance of your individual employees. There are several different technologies you can use to streamline this system, including RFID, PIN verification, biometric fingerprinting, and more.  

Remote Clocking 

In some scenarios, a portion of your workforce might be working remotely. In this case, it’s important that you provide a means for them to clock in and out, too. Mobile apps are an ideal solution for this, as they can be accessed from any location that has network connectivity.  


In the simplest terms, geolocation works by connecting to a GPS platform installed on the employees’ smartphone. Not only is it useful when verifying the work of remote employees, but it’s ideal when tracking fleet vehicles and conducting business across long distances.  


Similar to the technology behind geolocation, geofencing lets you set up a virtual boundary that is capable of alerting you whenever an employee enters or exits an area. It’s a great way of quickly determining when your employees are on-site, which ones are present, and which ones have left for the day.  


Many attendance systems offer some employee self-service features, too. Some offer employees the ability to create their own schedules – others simply let them track their work hours and vacation days. In either case, it’s a great way of putting even more control into the hands of your workforce. 

How Can Mega Force Help You With Attendance?  

Whether you’re struggling with workplace attendance or even if you’re just trying to outpace your competitors, Mega Force can help you reach your goals quicker and more completely than you ever imagined. Contact us today for more information on working with a leading staffing agency in North Carolina!  


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