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What Are the Skills for a Quality Control Technician?

The role of the quality control technician is a diversified and multifaceted one. While there are a number of duties and responsibilities that persist between different companies or industries, the most successful quality control technicians are detail oriented, versatile and adaptable.  

Since they’re frequently called upon to perform various tasks and communicate with different team members, quality control technicians need to demonstrate professional flexibility on a daily basis. As a quality control technician, some of the duties you can expect to participate in on a day-to-day basis include the following. 

Testing Products / Batches 

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of the role – and it’s something you’ll likely be doing on a daily basis. Quality control technicians often find themselves testing new products or batches as they are in cycle and after production runs, so this will likely take up the majority of your time on the jobsite.   

Working with Others 

Quality control is rarely a solitary role. Instead, it typically involves multiple professionals with varying skills and knowledge. Not only does it benefit you to learn how to work with your peers, it’s often a strict requirement of the job.   

Recordkeeping and Database Management 

Creating and maintaining technical records is another critical part of the role. In some cases, you might even be tasked with maintaining an entire database of test results, personal health records, and more. As such, it’s helpful to have exceptional keyboard skills – including both speed and accuracy.  

Identifying Damaged Products or Failed Tests 

Putting your stamp of approval on a product or test that is successful is only part of your job; it’s also your responsibility to tag damaged goods or failed tests and pass them along to your supervisors.  

Managerial Reporting 

You’ll also have the responsibility of reporting directly to jobsite supervisors and company managers. This isn’t always done orally or face-to-face – sometimes your reports can be created and distributed digitally. In either case, you’ll need to provide pertinent facts and relevant details that support your findings.  

How Mega Force Can Help 

Whether you’re looking to get into the field as a quality control technician for the very first time or even if you have an established career, Mega Force can help you land your next job. For more information, or to get started right away, contact us today to work with a top staffing agency in North Carolina.  


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