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Reduce Employee Turnover With These Overlooked Elements of Feedback

Most companies have come to understand the value of employee feedback. Not only can it help you create a more comfortable and welcoming work environment, but feedback – when used correctly – can give you further insight into how your company is viewed by employees, recruits, and even competitors.  

Utilize a Short Survey 

Start by offering a short survey to all new job candidates as well as your established employees. You might consider two separate surveys – one for new recruits and one for your long-time staff members. For best results, use the former to gauge the overall effectiveness of your hiring process while using the latter to judge how your company treats its most valuable employees. 

If necessary, you can add incentives – like gift cards to local merchants, additional time off, or even bonus pay – for those who complete their surveys on time. This helps to drive employee participation while simultaneously giving you a better view of your company and its reputation amongst the workforce.  

Perform Digital Reference Checks by Email Surveys 

This is an excellent way of finding out how your newer recruits and candidates compare to your existing roster. Several websites offer this service, including Skill Survey, which can be incredibly useful during the hiring process.  

Gather Continuous Feedback 

Finally, try to gather continuous feedback from your workforce, including potential recruits, new hires, and established staff. Don’t stop after sending them the first survey. Instead, use future surveys to address specific questions or concerns.  

Remember, the key here is to gather continuous feedback over time. Not only does this help you address any immediate or pressing issues, but it allows you to test out new ideas and determine how beneficial (or detrimental) they truly are. Moreover, it helps you maintain open lines of communication with all of your employees – including managers, supervisors, and new hires alike. 

Finding Talent With the Help of Mega Force 

If you need help during any part of the recruitment process, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Mega Force. Whether you need assistance retaining top talent or even if you’re finding it difficult to locate qualified workers in the first place, we can help you meet your needs as soon as you’re ready! 


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