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How to Keep Your Warehouse Workers Cool

Excessive stress, strain, and heat can put a severe strain on the productivity of your entire workforce. While some factories and warehouses rely on the simple solution of opening doors during the summer months, this can result in additional health and safety concerns. With the summer months quickly approaching, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular alternatives.   

Fans, Air Conditioning, and Dehumidifiers  

Industrial fans can provide a lot of relief during the warmest months of the years. For even better results, install a series of ceiling fans to help promote air circulation.   

When possible, try to place fans in front of an open window or vent. This minimizes the hazards of keeping your warehouse doors open while still providing additional cooling and airflow.   

Air conditioning is also an option, but it will add considerable expense to your operational costs. In some cases, you might be able to rent a portable air conditioner for a more affordable option.   

Finally, dehumidifiers are helpful, too – especially if your factory or warehouse is too humid. In either case, drawing the moisture out of the air via a dehumidifier will create a noticeable cooling effect.   

Screens, Curtains, and Separators  

Although they’re generally not as effective as fans, AC, or screens, curtains, and other separators can be used to prevent hot air from moving into your warehouse’s shared workspaces. For best results, install screens on any outside doors or windows and use vinyl-strip curtains to separate internal spaces.   

Wall and Ceiling Insulation  

Make sure your walls and ceilings are properly insulated. While this is often checked in the winter, to help the warehouse retain heat when it’s cold outside, it’s something that is generally ignored during the summer months.   

However, insulation can go a long way in keeping your building cool during the warmest months of the year, too. Consider investing in new insulation if you find your current setup is lacking in any way.   

Emergency Equipment  

Finally, make sure you have appropriate medical supplies stocked in case of an emergency. This lets you provide basic treatment to employees who faint or experience other heat-related issues – especially if it will be several minutes until medical help arrives.  

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