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What Does Your Body Language Say?

Although we don’t always realize it, our body language is often louder than our words. Not only does it give away hints about our overall mood and personal feelings, but it can have a serious impact in our professional success – especially during the interview process.   

Start with a Handshake  

If possible, try to begin each interview with a firm handshake. This will likely be the only time you’ll make physical contact with the interviewer, but it plays a large part in determining your overall first impression. Ideally, you’ll want your handshake to be firm but not too strong. Finally, while shaking, try to make eye contact with the interviewer.   

Take a Seat  

Next, it’s time to sit down. While you might not give this action much thought, there is a right way and a wrong way to sit during a job interview.   

For starters, make sure you’re sitting straight up in your chair. If possible, keep both of your feet planted firmly on the floor and try to show your open palms as much as possible. Hands that are kept open and facing up are a subconscious signal of honesty and engagement.   

Speak with Your Hands  

If you naturally speak with your hands, you can use this to your advantage during the interview. However, make sure you’re not doing anything overly dramatic or grandiose with your hand movements and gestures, as this could be distracting and might actually hurt your chances of landing a job more than it helps.   

Working on Your Body Language  

If necessary, take some time to practice your body language in front of a mirror beforehand. Not only does this let you perform a comprehensive self-assessment, but it can help you figure out what you’re doing – or what you’re not doing – correctly.   

Acing Your Next Interview with Mega Force  

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