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Five tips for Improving Work-life Balance in your Office

In survey after survey on workplace engagement, work-life balance is emerging as a leading employee motivator. These surveys often report that work-life balance is at least as important, if not more important, than a competitive salary when it comes to employee retention.  

How can employers incorporate the type of work-life balance that will keep current employees happy and help recruit new talent? Check out these tips from Mega Force. 

Create a culture of trust

Many managers directly link the time employees spend at their desks with productivity. Building effective work-life balance calls for a change in mindset. Trusting employees to deliver high-quality work, regardless of where they’re working, shows respect and concern for their well-being.  

Promote an open-door policy

Another important display of trust is valuing two-way communication. The more comfortable employees are in discussing their difficulties with their leaders, the easier it will be to help them manage their time and workload.  

Recognize there’s no one-size-fits-all solution

Demonstrating openness to flexible work arrangements is a great first step toward supporting work-life balance. But there’s more work involved. At times, you may need to adapt policies to entire groups of employees, like parents. On other occasions, you’ll need to agree on informal solutions with individuals.   

Train your managers to tackle stress

At their best, managers monitor their teams’ stress level and address concerns in a supportive way. At their worst, they may put undue pressure on employees, thereby contributing to a negative workplace culture. Training supervisors in stress-management will help them develop into the positive leaders they need to be.  

Build flexibility into your annual leave policies

Consider giving your employees the option to trade holiday time for paid time off that they can schedule according to their needs. This enables them to set aside time for well-deserved breaks when they’ll do the most good.  

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