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How to ‘Break up’ With a job You Don’t Love

Love and relationships are in the air this month – whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or gathering with single friends in solidarity. But one of the major relationships you might not be thinking about is the one you have with your job.  

According to new research from LinkedIn, most of us (81%) believe we should be very or mostly happy at work, yet a majority (60%) have stayed at a job knowing the relationship wasn’t working. So, what do you do if you’re not in love with your job — and how do you find the right one for you?  

Know When it’s Time

Whether you’re in a new role or have been at your company for a while, it’s important to know when it’s time to move on. Three telltale signs are not enjoying the work, not feeling a strong sense of purpose and not feeling valued by their team. If you recognize these signs, it may be time to consider your next move. Identify what you’re missing and start looking for a new role that has it. 

Your job Breaks up With You

We don’t always have the luxury of deciding when it’s time to leave a job – sometimes, that decision is made for us. The good news is a forced change can be full of opportunity. More than one-third of professionals surveyed by LinkedIn experienced positive changes after being laid off or fired. They either found a better fit or changed careers altogetherTo get similar results, update your career profile to include your latest experience and show you’reopen to new opportunities. Then refresh your network connections by connecting with former co-workers. 

Break up Amicably

If you initiate the breakup, exit with grace and respect for your current employer. It’s important not to burn bridges, as you may need the connections at the job you’re leaving at some point. Give your manager at least two weeks’ notice, and be honest, polite, and positive during your exit interview.  

Put Yourself  Back out There

Start by looking for job opportunities that require skills you possess. If you’re not an exact skill match for a position you’re considering, don’t worry: Nearly three-quarters of recruiters hire candidates who don’t exactly match the skills or experience posted for a specific role. To improve your chances of being considered, demonstrate how the skills you have applied to the position, show success in previous roles, and highlight soft skills like creativity and teamwork—finallyproject confidence, intelligence, and willingness to learn during your interview. 

Fall in Love With Your Work Again 

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