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How to Call In Sick (When You’re Sick)

It shouldn’t be a tough call whether to call in. If you’re sick, you’re sick, right? But it never seems to be that easy. You have your workload, your relationship with your boss, and your company’s attendance guidelines to account for. Luckily, there’s a (previously) unwritten set of rules to lean on for calling in sick.  

Call in ASAP 

One of the best ways to show consideration for your boss is giving them as much notice as you can that they’ll be short staffed. Don’t waste their time (or yours) by debating until the last minute whether you’re “sick enough” to call in. Trust your body, and make the call sooner rather than later. 

Don’t Overshare 

Your boss doesn’t need all the grisly details of your illness. Listing your symptoms not only makes for an awkward, uncomfortable conversation, but it also delays your boss from finding someone to cover for you. Remember – you don’t need to justify your absence, just inform your supervisor of it. 

Keep Your Team in the Loop 

Your boss isn’t the only one who could benefit from knowing you’re going to be out. Depending on what your responsibilities are, keeping your teammates posted on your status will be helpful.  

Set Ground Rules for Availability and Interaction 

Only you know how badly you feel. Whether you need to stay in bed all day, or you feel well enough to check in, set clear expectations for how “in touch” you’ll be with your boss and team. Then, stick to them. Don’t try to be too much of a hero – everyone will be better off the sooner you can be back at 100 percent. 

Give Your Co-workers the Information They’ll Need in Your Absence 

If your illness will force you to miss a meeting, make sure someone on your team can take your place, if necessary. And let them know what projects you have in the hopper as well as where they can find information about them so they can plan accordingly. 

Follow Up When You Return 

Make sure you know whether your job requires you to have a doctor’s note to come back to work. And check in with your boss and colleagues to see what you missed while you were gone. 

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