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Happy Returns – The Benefits of Re(hiring) Boomerang Employees

Along with other new employment trends that have emerged in the past few years, the practice of rehiring employees who’ve left the company is experiencing a surge in popularity. This type of hire has become known as a “boomerang employee,” A study by Workplace Trends says 15% of employees have boomeranged back to a former employer. In addition, 76% of HR professionals surveyed in the study say they are more accepting of hiring boomerang employees today than in the past. 

What’s behind this trend? Rehiring a former employee has several benefits. 

They Make Onboarding Easier. 

In contrast with employees who are completely new to an organization, boomerang employees require a lot less orientation. They should be familiar with the company’s mission, vision, and goals. And if they’re coming back to their old department, there’s a good chance they already have most of the knowledge they need to be immediately productive. 

They’re Generally Acclimated to the Company Culture. 

With brand new hires, it may take some time before you can evaluate how they’re “fitting in.” On the other hand, Boomerang employees find it much easier to pick up where they left off in terms of finding their niche in the company. And if you’re rehiring a former employee who still has good relationships with their colleagues, you might discover reintroducing boomerangs to the corporate environment provides a morale boost 

 They May Have a Higher Retention Rate Than True New Hires. 

Perhaps you’re wondering if an employee leaves your company and comes back, who’s to say they won’t just leave again? Actually, boomerang employees have a 44% higher retention rate over three years than true new hires, according to Enterprise Alumni. Not only that, rehiring a former employee can provide what you could call a “collateral retention” boost: Employees who see someone who left the company come back may get the impression that the grass isn’t greener in other pastures. 

Need a Hand Hiring The Best Talent for Your Warehouse? 

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