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What Does ‘Attention to Detail’ Really Mean?

If you’ve done any amount of job searching, you’ve likely run into one qualification over and over again: “The candidate should show attention to detail.” It sounds like a nice quality to have, but what does it really mean? And how can you demonstrate it in your resumé? 

Defining ‘Attention to Detail’ 

Attention to detail speaks to two key components of any task: thoroughness and accuracy. When you’re given instructions, do you follow all of them from top to bottom? That’s being thorough. At the same time, being able to accomplish that task without making mistakes is what accuracy is all about. Employers are looking for candidates who display thoroughness and accuracy because these qualities improve productivity and efficiency. 

What Does Attention to Detail Look Like? 

Let’s dig deeper into the elements that combine to show attention to detail. What do these qualities look like in a production or manufacturing setting? 

  • Organizational skills – Organization is crucial in an industrial setting. And the best way to know if you are organized is to look at your workstation. Is it clean and orderly? If so, you’re more likely to be productive and effective.  
  • Time management skills – Time management starts with showing up to work on time, but it involves a lot more. To manage your time effectively, you need to know how to prioritize tasks and complete them on time (while still being thorough and accurate!). 
  • Analytical skills – In a manufacturing environment, analytical skills help you assess situations, solve problems, and break down large obstacles into smaller issues to make them easier to tackle. These skills also allow you to communicate effectively (more on that in a moment). 
  • Observational skills – Before you can solve a problem, you have to be aware of it. Employees who practice good observation are constantly monitoring their work to look for potential problems quickly. 
  • Active listening skills – Remember that reference to communication? One of the most important communication skills to develop is active listening, which involves giving your full attention to what someone is saying, making sure you’re interpreting it correctly, and giving a carefully considered response. 

How to Show Attention to Detail in Your Resumé 

Your resumé itself can show off your attention to detail. Is it pleasant to look at and error-free? Are the different sections consistent in terms of font and organization? 

Beyond that, make sure to include “attention to detail” in your skills and include examples of the skills discussed above, including the specific duties that required them. 

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