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‘Attention to Detail’ in Action

We recently posted about one of the most common qualifications listed as a job requirement: “The candidate should show attention to detail.” That article listed several specific traits that come under the heading of “attention to detail”: 

  • Organization  
  • Time management  
  • Analytical skills
  • Observation 
  • Active listening  

Now that we have a better idea of what attention to detail means, let’s take a quick look at how these traits show up in two jobs: assembly worker and office manager.  


For an assembly worker, organization is key in the workplace. Effective workers keep their workstations clean and orderly. This keeps the assembly line efficient and, just as importantly, safe.  

Organized office managers know exactly where to find all the office supplies and forms they need. They are experts in multitasking, which is crucial in keeping an office running smoothly. 

Time management 

It may be a cliché, but in assembly work, time is money. The team’s production level determines how many assembled products go out the door in a day, so it’s important to be able to do the job methodically and efficiently. Meanwhile, office managers are responsible for coordinating schedules and performing other tasks promptly, which requires good time management.  

Analytical skills  

Assembly work typically involves manual labor, but your brain has to do some heavy lifting too. This shows up in problem solving as well as understanding how different parts of the plant can work together better to increase production. Office managers perform all kinds of analysis, too, including putting together budgets and producing a variety of reports.   


Assembly workers who have developed observation skills pay attention to their surroundings, ask questions and solve problems. That could be as simple as noticing a ladder is wobbling as a co-worker is climbing and steadying it.  

Meanwhile, office managers pay attention to the day-to-day details of an office like keeping track of emails, tracking appointments, and reviewing documents. Observation helps managers avoid things slipping through the cracks. One common example is reviewing reports and presentations for typos and other mistakes. 

Active listening   

Both assembly workers and office managers must be great listeners. On assembly lines, that means following instructions to the letter to get the job done thoroughly and safely. For an office manager, active listening aids customer service given to clients and co-workers alike.  

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