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Why Candidates with a Side Hustle Make for Great Employees

Conventional wisdom used to be that if you want to succeed in your career, you find one job to which you can devote all your focus and energy. But the economy and the job market have evolved, and the workforce has adapted to the reality that making some money outside the normal 9-5 schedule (often called a “side hustle” or “side gig”) may be necessary both financially and emotionally to live their best lives.

CareerBuilder recently did a study showing that 29 percent of the 3,200 workers they surveyed had a second job. And among Millennials, that number rose to 44 percent.

The good (and perhaps surprising) news for employers is that you don’t have to write off candidates who have a side hustle; in fact, such candidates can help your business thrive. Here’s why.

Side Gigs Provide ‘Free Training’

The skills that help someone hold a second job are often the same skills you’re looking for in your business. And if that side gig is artistic or creative in nature, they may bring an extra dose of creativity to the table at their day job. Either way, hiring someone with a side hustle is like getting an employee who’s constantly training and developing – and you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

Entrepreneurs Make for Great Employees

It takes motivation and dedication to make a side gig work, and those happen to be crucial traits in an employee. There’s a reason they call it a “side hustle”: You have to hustle to make it work. As an employer, you’re looking for that kind of self-propulsion. Don’t be afraid to embrace it by hiring someone who has a side gig.

Employees with Side Gigs are Less Likely to Ask for Frequent Raises

Candidates that work elsewhere when they leave their day job are often motivated by passion for their extra pursuits. They may not be focused on how much extra money they make, but the fact is they’re pulling in a second income. That means they’re less prone to ask for raises out of financial need – potentially making them a better value.

Obviously, you don’t want to hire someone whose side gig will interfere with the job you’re offering them. And you certainly don’t want an employee’s second job supporting your competitors. But you should have an open mind in your hiring process because a gig worker can bring that something extra your company needs.

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