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How to Stand Out in an Interview

We’ve written at length about potential prospect-killing interview pitfalls to avoid. Let’s look at a few ways you can stand out in a good way before and during an interview.

Do Strong Interview Prep

One way to gain a competitive advantage over other candidates is doing your homework on the company you’re interviewing with. Watch some of their videos, read reviews from current employees on Glassdoor, explore their website and check out their social media. Taking the time to research the company shows you’re genuinely interested in the position and allows you to tailor your pitch for how you can fit into their culture.

Also, read up on the job you’re applying for and have some questions ready for your interviewer about what you’ll be doing. Not only will it show you’re excited about the opportunity, but it will also show you’re eager to learn.

Dress the Part

The old saying goes, “Dress for the job you want.” This is great advice for an interview. Don’t dress too formally or casually, but also don’t be afraid to wear bold, coordinating colors to match your personality. The point is to be memorable – for good reasons.

Be Punctual and Polite

You start making your first in-person impression from the moment you reach the reception area. It’s important that you arrive not just on time, but a few minutes early. This will give you time to go over your notes, gather your thoughts, and get in the right mindset for your interview. It will also allow you the opportunity to earn some points by being cordial with the receptionist.

Use Nonverbal Communication to Your Advantage

Employers pay attention not only to what you say, but how you say it. Practice telling your story in front of a mirror and look for any nervous habits you can minimize. Lead with a smile, and maintain a good level of eye contact with your interviewer (without staring, of course).

Sell Your Story

You may have similar skills to other applicants, but you can stand out by going beyond your qualifications and convincing the employer that you’re the perfect fit for the open position. As you answer your interviewer’s questions, paint a vivid picture of why you want this job and how it’s the logical next step in your career path.

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