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Improve Your Job Interview Skills in 2023

On this blog, we’ve spent plenty of time documenting what not to say and do during a job interview. But we’re keeping it positive in this post. Here are five best practices for you to embrace in 2023. Keep these tips in mind as you enter a new chapter of your job search in the new year.

Be on Time

You can make a good impression before you even say a word in your interview by showing up on time – or even a few minutes ahead of schedule. Punctuality is an immediate mark in your favor.

Be Confident

Some people have a hard time selling themselves. But if you’ve made it to an interview, your prospective employer thinks you are, at the very least, capable of doing the job. Start from that point of positivity and build on it. You may want to ask your friends and former co-workers for a pep talk. They can pump you up with the assurances you need to embrace the idea that you can do this.

One more thing – there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. To strike a good balance, think of yourself as being the best fit for the job – but not necessarily better than the other interviewees.


Many of the most common questions in an interview start with “Tell me about a time when you…” Sometimes, the interviewer wants to hear a specific success story. Other times, they want to hear about a time when things didn’t go so well – and how you responded. Either way, you can use the STAR method to organize your thoughts and tell a compelling story.

  • S – Situation
    To start your answer, give the interviewer some context. Describe the situation that led to your being asked to take on a project.
  • T – Task
    Next, provide specifics on the task you were asked to complete. What was the assignment, what was the deadline, and how would the successful completion of the task be measured?
  • A – Action
    Here’s where you explain what you did and why you did it.
  • R – Result
    Finish off your answer by describing the outcome of the actions you took. Be prepared to give specific measurables you achieved with your action as well as the reaction you received from your boss and your co-workers once you finished the task.

Be Curious

Asking your interviewer a few well-chosen questions can help you make a great closing impression. Not only that, the answers you get could assure you that the job offered is one you really want. Get some ideas for great questions to ask here.

Mega Force Can Help

Of course, to put these interview tips to good use, you need to land an interview. We can help. Mega Force works with employers in Statesville and throughout North Carolina to get the right people in the right positions. Whether you’re looking for a temp job or something more permanent, we can help. Find out more.


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