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Get Ready to Embrace These 2023 Recruiting Trends

As your business turns the page on the calendar, it’s time to draw up your recruiting playbook for 2023. So, what trends will you want to take advantage of in the new year? We have you covered.

Recruiting Remote Workers

It turns out remote work wasn’t just a pandemic workaround. More and more businesses are learning they can get jobs done remotely. More importantly, a staggering amount of the workforce – 98 percent, according to the World Economic Forum – are looking for the option to work remotely at least some of the week for the rest of their careers. That means that if you’re hiring for jobs that can be done remotely, you absolutely need to promote that as a perk.

Competitive Compensation

As a result of The Great Resignation, the job market now belongs to the job seeker. So be prepared to reach a little bit deeper into your budget to sweeten the deal for candidates. And if you can’t afford to sweeten salaries, find other ways to make your opportunity more attractive.

Transparent Wage Structures

A major source of anxiety for job seekers is an employer who’s evasive about exactly what they can expect in the way of compensation. Avoid this by being completely upfront about what candidates can expect to earn on the job. Specify both the salary and benefits that come with your employment opportunity. Not only will you increase applications and retention rates, but you may be contributing toward equity in pay: A study from PayScale found companies who practice pay transparency close the male-female wage gap.

Proactive Talent Pool Creation

Conventional wisdom has been that a company would discover a need to hire, then develop a pool of candidates for interviewing and, ultimately, hiring. But if you’re starting the process from scratch every time a talent need arises, you’re wasting time as well as opportunities to hire the best candidates. Instead, keep in contact with candidates who missed the hiring cut but could ultimately bring value to your company.

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