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5 More Red Flags to Watch Out for at Your New Job

Last month, we gave you five flags you shouldn’t ignore at a new job. It’s a new year, and we have five new warning signs that might leave you looking for an employment office in North Carolina.

1.  You’re Told You Have Multiple Managers

Sometimes, there’s a good reason to have two managers supervise one employee. If your position involves working with two different departments in the company, it may make sense. Often, however, this is a sign of a disorganized business. It could also foreshadow a lot of reorganizations to come, which are usually stressful. You don’t need that drama in your life.

2.  You’re Asked to Work for Passion, Not Pay

Most people love working for an organization that works to make the world better. That is, until they learn their employer expects them to work for a drastically reduced pay – or worse, for no pay at all. Nonprofits have notoriously tight budgets, and if you need a job that pays a living wage, you may need to look elsewhere.

3.  The Company’s Employees Are Either Very Old, or Very Young

If your workplace is filled with employees at either end of the age spectrum with no one in the middle, it could mean you’re at a dead-end job. The old employees are likely the company’s executives – who may or may not ever retire – and everyone else is entry level. This could be a sign there’s little to no chance of advancement.

4. There’s One-Ply Toilet Paper in the Bathrooms

We are being 100% serious with this one. It may seem like a silly detail to notice, but it could be a sneaky clue that you’re working for a penny-pinching organization. And if they’re stingy with the quality of toilet paper, what other resources could they be skimping on?

5.  You Dread Going to Work

Some jobs start out full of promise and possibility. Then one day, the atmosphere changes. You start to run into what one Redditor called “the misery wall” the second you walk in the door. There may not be any specific reason for this feeling of dread, but if you wake up depressed at the thought of going into work, trust your gut. Find something better.

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