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Problems With Your Job? Here’s How to Avoid ‘Quitter’s Remorse’

As you would expect from a jobseeker blog, many of our posts deal with tips for finding a job. But for some, their problem is not finding a job; rather, it’s deciding whether or not to leave the job they have. Sometimes, this desire to find the nearest exit is due to what The Muse calls “Shift Shock”: a realization that the position an employee has been hired for is doesn’t match what they were promised during their recruitment. Others may be considering jumping ship because of the toll their job is taking on their mental health.

While there are many valid reasons from moving on from a job, the flip side is that you may end up with “quitter’s remorse.” A study first appearing in USA Today and referenced in a report by the BBC found 20% of people who had quit their job in the past two years regretted doing so. With that in mind, here are three questions to ask yourself before you resign.

‘Why Am I Unhappy?’

Try and nail down what specifically bothers you about your job. Are your responsibilities not what you thought they’d be? Are you experiencing conflict with certain colleagues? Do you need more training or resources to be more productive? All these problems can be addressed – and possibly solved – by having an honest conversation with your boss.

‘What Are My Career Goals?’

Take a moment to consider the big picture – namely, your ultimate career goals. What kind of work do you really want to do? What kind of company would you be happiest working for? How much do you want to make? Now look at whether your current job is helping you reach those goals. If it isn’t, ask yourself if it’s possible to reshape your current position so that it does put you on the road to fulfillment.

‘What Are My Options?’

If, by this point, you think the best move for you is to leave your job, examine your options. Are there other companies in your area looking for someone with your skills and experience? Are you willing to shift to another type of position? It may be that resigning is the right decision, but now isn’t the right time.

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