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10 Certifications That Could Pave the Way to Your Light Industrial Dream Job-Mega Force

10 Certifications That Could Pave the Way to Your Light Industrial Dream Job

We’ve been highlighting the light industrial role in recent months, with a glimpse into a day in the life of a light industrial worker and tips for getting a job in that area. This post is all about certification. Depending on the position you’re seeking, the following certificates could get you to the top of the hiring short list.

Certifications to Advance your Light Industrial Career

OSHA Safety Certificate – This 40-hour course covers work health issues, physical hazards, and proactive safety and health procedures.

Forklift Safety and Inspector – Renewable every two years, this course exceeds OSHA requirements.

Event Planners Association (EPA) Amusement Operators Safety Certification – This certification allows you to operate and maintain specific rides and other attractions at large events.

Certified Master Safe Technician – This course of study, offered by the Associated Locksmiths of America, relates to safes and vaults.

Operator Certification – This intense six-day course shows you understand the principles for safely using saws and drills.

Certified Production Technician – The CPT program comprises four areas of study. Students will learn about safety; quality practices and measurement; manufacturing processes and production; and maintenance awareness.

Certified Aviation Manager – If you’re interested in an avionics career, this certification will look great on your resume.

Certified Auto Glass Technician – The final exam for this automotive certification is 70 questions.

Overhead Crane Operator – The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators offers this program, which finishes with both written and practical exams.

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