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Day in The Life of a Light Industrial Worker - Mega Force

A Day in the Life of a Light Industrial Worker

Last month, our Hot Job Focus was on light industrial work, and we provided a sample job description and some salary information. This month, we’re maintaining focus on the light industrial position and taking a glimpse at a typical day in the life of a light industrial worker. Let’s call him Javon.

POV – A Day in the Life

The Day Begins

After Javon pulls into the parking lot, he clocks in, puts his belongings in a locker, and puts on his personal protective equipment (PPE). He already has a sturdy pair of work boots on, but before he hits the manufacturing floor, he’ll grab a hard hat, earplugs, and safety glasses. Finally, Javon puts on a reflective vest (his is blue, identifying him as a technician) and joins his co-workers for a daily stand-up meeting.

During the meeting, Javon takes note of today’s production targets and special safety instructions on some new equipment on the assembly line. Finally, Javon gets his station assignment for the morning and gets to work.

Workday Activities

First on Javon’s agenda is running some diagnostic tests on the equipment at his station – a duty he had to earn a certificate to perform. As a certified Industrial Robotics Technician, Javon ensures that the automated functions on his assembly line section are working at top efficiency and safety.

Once the diagnostics are complete, Javon gets to his primary assignment for the day: creating small parts for assembly a little further down the line to produce combination washer-dryers.

Javon gets two breaks and lunch. The Department of Labor regulates the timing for these breaks, and it’s in the company’s best interest to ensure their employees take the full amount of time that labor regulations dictate. After all, they’re working with precision equipment, so they need to stay fresh and focused.

Winding Down

As Javon’s shift draws to a close, his responsibilities shift to getting his workstation ready for the second shift, which will last from 5 p.m. to midnight. First, he cleans his workstation; then he files a production report with his supervisor. Afterward, he heads back to his locker to put away his PPE. Finally, he clocks out for the day and heads home.

Is a Light Industrial Job for You?

If, after hearing about what light industrial workers do, what they can make, and how their day goes, you’re interested in finding out what opportunities are available in your area, visit our job search page. We’re ready to match you with a job that’s right for you!


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