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Check Out These 4 Tips for Summer Hiring

Last year at about this time, we offered some advice for keeping your business moving during the summer. Well, the dog days are here again, and we’re back with some specific guidance for getting the most out of hiring this season.

Hiring Tips for Seasonal Summer Roles

1.      Write a Season-Specific Job Description

Like any other job listing, your summer work posting must stand out from many other opportunities candidates will be scrolling through. To distinguish your posts, make sure they follow these guidelines:

  • Be brief and specific.
  • Take advantage of search engine optimization by including keywords commonly associated with summer job listings like “temporary,” “part-time,” and, yes, “summer.”
  • Be sure to include the physical activities summer jobs typically entail in the job description, like standing, running, and working outdoors.
  • If the seasonal job could turn permanent, note that as well.

2.      Promote Your Posting

Search optimization isn’t just for Google. Place your job postings where you get the most looks from the most motivated job seekers. Make full use of social media channels. (And don’t forget the hashtags!) If you’re targeting students, place good, old-fashioned fliers on campus bulletin boards and have a presence at career fairs.

3.      Streamline Your Candidate Evaluation

To ensure you get the most hires as quickly as possible, adopt a trimmed-down timeline for getting candidates screened, interviewed, and onboarded. If you don’t have an applicant tracking system, look into one to automate and organize your candidate search. Incorporate video interviews to compress your schedule, and consider using a single round instead of gradually narrowing your candidate list.

4.      Make Your Job Offer Ghost-Proof

Before extending offers to your most promising candidates, run background checks to eliminate the possibility of unpleasant surprises. Also, review your company guidelines and state and federal hiring regulations to ensure you’re compliant. Finally, seal the deal with an enthusiastic offer letter with all the information your candidate needs to get a confident “Yes!”

Trust Mega Force to Do the Heavy Lifting

Mega Force helps employers throughout the Carolinas with their staffing. Whether you need summer help or want to give your year-round recruiting efforts a boost, start here to learn how we can help.


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