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How to Survive a Bad Onboarding Experience

Call it “new hire’s remorse”: the immediate feeling that you made a mistake when you accepted a job offer. It’s a common problem – BambooHR reports that 30% of new hires leave their job within the first six months. And a majority of them (64%, according to Hibob’s research) resign because of a negative onboarding experience. Here are some of the most common problems employees have during onboarding, and how you can overcome these issues to not only survive the experience but thrive in spite of it.

Difficulties With Bad Onboarding

Lack of Role Clarity

It’s frustrating when you find yourself not sure what it is you’re supposed to be doing even after weeks on the job. It’s even worse when what you are doing directly conflicts with the job description that made you want to apply in the first place. To get past this, review your job description to see if it provides any clues. If not, schedule a one-on-one meeting with your supervisor to explain your frustration and get specific guidance.

Challenges With Expectations and Results

Sometimes, new hires are clear on what their role is, but not so much on what their expected results are in that role. If you’re feeling clueless as far as what expectations for you are and how your results so far measure up, request a meeting with your supervisor so you can get a fresh, clear set of expectations and the metrics that go into evaluating your performance. Then, periodically request feedback from your boss on how well your performance is or is not meeting those expectations.

Issues with Time Management

What if you’re clear on your role, and you have a grasp on your expected results, but your onboarding hasn’t given you any guidance on how to meet your goals in the time allotted? To avoid the unique stress caused by this situation, start by asking your boss to help you prioritize what needs to be done first. That alone could lead to better time management. If you want to carry the conversation further, ask for advice on time-saving techniques. There may be resources, including software solutions, to help you work more efficiently.

Start Your New Job with Confidence

If, after all this, you’re still not convinced your current job is right for you, Mega Force can help. We’ll go over your employment profile, find out what you’re looking for in your ideal job, and work with top employers to find the best opportunities available in your area.  Contact our team today.


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