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The Power of a Good Job Description

We’ve written multiple articles about how to write job titles and job descriptions that will attract the most candidates. But a well-written job posting can do far more than entice applicants. From filtering candidates to helping with performance reviews, here are just a few ways job descriptions can strengthen not only your recruiting but your whole company as well.

How Good Job Descriptions Help Business

Filtering Candidates

Obviously, you want your job posting to produce the most resume submissions, but there is such a thing as too many applicants. At a certain point, you risk diminishing returns as the process of screening candidates goes on and on. A detailed job description, however, can make your recruitment process more efficient by screening out applicants who would never be a good fit for what you’re asking for. Just one example: Your job description can let job seekers know how much experience they need to bring to the table. Words like “junior” and “intern” suggest an entry-level position, while “senior” or “specialist” indicate positions that call for more experience.

Lowering Your Legal Risk

When it comes to legal obligations associated with recruiting, many managers focus on the end of the process – making sure job offers are airtight and employment agreements follow all applicable regulations. But if you spell out the requirements and expectations of the position you’re hiring for from your first job posting, you’ve already put yourself on solid legal footing should you need to terminate an employee for not fulfilling those expectations.

Enhancing Your Brand

A well-written job description immediately establishes your organization’s professionalism and credibility. Follow it with an equally professional interview and onboarding experience, and you could acquire not only a skilled employee but a powerful brand promoter.

Laying the Foundation for Performance Reviews

Long after you complete the paperwork that has been signed and your new employee isn’t that new anymore, an effective job description can establish the framework for a valuable performance evaluation. If your posting laid out specific responsibilities and expectations, you can use the same language to determine to what extent employees meet those expectations. Not only will that make reviews more efficient, but your employees will appreciate an evaluation based on how well they did what you said they’d be doing.

Optimize Your Talent Search

Effective job titles and descriptions are powerful recruiting tools. So is Mega Force. We work hard to help employers connect with dependable candidates. Whether you have a time-sensitive need, or you’re just wanting to give your current recruiting efforts a boost, start here to learn what we can do for you.


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