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How to Stand Out in a Competitive North Carolina Job Market

Whether you’ve just entered the workforce or you’re looking for a career change, this is a good time to be seeking employment. Many have described this as a job-seekers market, and that’s true. There are a lot of jobs out there, and employers are competing for talent.

But the job market is competitive for candidates, too, and that’s as true in North Carolina as it is nationally. You need to give yourself every competitive advantage to find not just a job but the right job for you.

Jump to the Front of the Hiring Line

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Sure, it’s trite, but there’s some truth to this adage. If you take the time and effort to put yourself out there, you will find the right opportunity. Don’t panic and take the first halfway-promising job that comes along; rather, take time to find the right opportunity for you. Your patience will be rewarded with a position that doesn’t just pay the bills but feeds your soul as well.

Build Your Network

Create a list of family, personal, and professional connections. Someone you know may hold the key to your dream job. Let these people know you’re looking for an employment opportunity! (You’ll find more ideas for effective networking in this recent post.)

Write Customizable Resumes

Many job seekers are under the impression that one resume fits all. In other words, they write one resume and keep sending the same resume over and over again, regardless of the job they’re applying for. That can cause some anxiety if your resume doesn’t really fit a particular job opportunity. Save yourself that worry by being flexible enough to write different versions of your resume – each emphasizing the skills and experience that apply to a given position.

Do Your Homework

One way to gain a competitive advantage over other candidates is to do your homework on the companies you interview with. Watch some of their videos, read reviews from current employees on Glassdoor, explore their website, and check out their social media. Taking the time to research the company shows you’re genuinely interested in the position and allows you to tailor your pitch for how you can fit into their culture. Also, read up on the job you’re applying for and have some questions ready for your interviewer about what you’ll be doing. Not only will it show you’re excited about the opportunity, but it will also show you’re eager to learn.

Dress the Part

The old saying goes, “Dress for the job you want.” This is great advice for an interview. Don’t dress too formally or casually, but also don’t be afraid to wear bold, coordinating colors to match your personality. The point is to be memorable – for good reasons.

Sell Your Story

You may have similar skills to other applicants, but you can stand out by going beyond your qualifications and convincing the employer that you’re the perfect fit for the open position. As you answer your interviewer’s questions, paint a vivid picture of why you want this job and how it’s the logical next step in your career path.

Want More Help Getting a Competitive Edge?

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