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4 Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency to Find Your Next Full-Time Hire

While staffing agencies are typically used to fill interim or temporary positions, few companies actually use them when searching for full-time employees. However, as some organizations have found out, a third-party staffing agency can actually be a great resource when it comes to finding permanent employees who are experienced, knowledgeable and qualified.

1. Focus on Your Business Instead of Hiring

Using a staffing agency to fill full-time positions in your roster carries many of the same benefits that you’d see when recruiting temporary workers. One of the most obvious of these benefits is the increased amount of time you’ll have to spend on your business as opposed to seeking out qualified recruits.

With the help of a third-party staffing agency, however, you’ll be able to carry on with your normal business operations and even pursue new opportunities while any openings in your staff are already being looked after. As such, your time and resources can be allocated toward other areas of your business.

2. Faster Results

Staffing agencies can almost always shorten the overall amount of time it takes to locate and onboard a full-time employee. There are a number of reasons for this, but the sheer accessibility to available recruits plays a huge role. Not only does this eliminate most of the time associated with finding qualified candidates in the first place, it can also save time on orientation and training, too.

3. Access to Passive Candidates

While many job seekers take a highly active approach toward the job hunt, others favor the passive stance. In fact, some of the most qualified, experienced and successful employees are passive job seekers. Instead of seeking out new jobs on their own, these recruits can afford the luxury of waiting for an employer to come to them.

As you can imagine, such candidates are difficult to find. When working with a staffing agency, however, you’ll mostly likely have access to a pool of active and passive job seekers alike. This gives you the opportunity to consider a broader range of new recruits when filling empty positions in your roster.

4. Greater Efficiency and Quality

Lastly, staffing agencies tend to produce candidates that are of a greater quality than those who apply to a company through a standard job posting. As such, you’re far more likely to find an employee who is experienced and qualified for the job in question when working with a third-party staffing agency.

Using a Third Party to Meet All of Your Staffing Needs

As you can see, staffing agencies can be beneficial whether you’re in need of temporary or full-time employees. Because of their access to a large and diversified pool of potential candidates, as well as their ability to match workers with appropriate and relevant jobs, staffing agencies are typically more equipped to handle the hiring process than an internal team.

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