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Lying on Your Resume – What Could Go Wrong?

Whether you’ve found a listing for what looks like your dream job, or your job search has dragged on so long, you’re getting desperate, and there may come a point at which you’re tempted to juice up your resume with some “embellishments.” Perhaps you haven’t quite finished getting a degree, but you figure you were close enough to list it in your education section. Or maybe you think you’d be perfect for a job, if only you had a little more experience – so you invent some. 

No matter your rationalization, making false or misleading statements on your resume is never a good idea. You may think your additions are subtle enough to slide by, but there are any number of ways your fictional biography could be exposed. Here are just three.  

Your References Don’t Check Out 

How many times have you found yourself frantically contacting a friend and saying, “You’re going to be getting a phone call asking for a reference. I need you to tell them how wonderful I am!” But you can’t count on the good word of personal friends to carry you through the interview process. Even if they want to help, friends you list as references may not be able to speak to your qualifications. And that’s before you consider the possibility your would-be employer could check in with other people who’ve worked with you to corroborate the glowing reviews they’ve heard. 

Your Life Story May Have Plot Holes 

Sure, your resume could list your degree from the Harvard School of Business, but what happens when your job recruiter calls your alma mater to verify you went there? Other resume details that could draw suspicion could include work timelines that don’t add up, job titles that are a little too fancy or a gorgeous resume that’s paired with a sloppy cover letter. 

Your In-Person Performance May Not Match Your Resume 

It’s one thing to look like the perfect candidate on paper, but job opportunities can be won and lost during the interview. Your resume may claim you type 60 words per minute, but will a typing test back it up? Even your body language in an interview can betray you: You may be able to bluff in writing, but your body language may give you up – even if you’re interviewing via Zoom. 

Mega Force Can Help With More Interview Opportunities

Clearly then, honesty is really the best policy when it comes to resumes. Luckily, Mega Force can not only help you find great job opportunities in Goldsboro and throughout North Carolina, but we also offer resume assistance to help you make a good impression.  Contact our team today or browse our online job search portal. 



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