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7 Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

According to Crestline, there are no fewer than nine separate appreciation days devoted to showing love to office employees. But while it’s great to have formal observances, the most meaningful appreciation you can show your employees is the gratitude you display day in and day out.

Here are seven great ways to say thanks.

1.  Offer Time off and Flexible Scheduling Options

When high-performing employees are putting in long hours to get tasks done, they often sacrifice time with their families. Offering them flexible scheduling can make a world of difference to your employees and free them up to be their most effective selves. Even better – reward employees for their hard work by giving them some paid time off.

2.  Spotlight Great Employees on Social Media

Here’s a nifty way to help retention and recruiting at the same time. Profile your top performers and unsung heroes by telling their stories on your social media channels. Not only will your team members appreciate the recognition; but potential candidates looking for a job to call home will be drawn to a company that values its employees’ contributions.

3. Give Them a Tasty Treat

Everyone loves food, so whether it’s a special lunch, some homemade baked goods, or a pallet of pizza, offering a treat as a small token won’t soon be forgotten. These get-togethers can also build a sense of camaraderie.

4. Customize Your Recognitions

Whether it’s tickets to a sporting event or concert or a place on a committee or a volunteer group, special opportunities can provide great opportunities to say thanks. But to give it extra impact, make the reward something your employee really likes.

5. Celebrate in the Moment

Spontaneous tokens of appreciation can have a big impact on employees’ morale. Consider giving them a shortened workday, a surprise team-building exercise, or post-it notes letting them know they’re awesome. And here’s the kicker – be ready to time the recognition so it immediately follows a team win.

6. Honor Anniversaries

It’s crucial to recognize employees who go above and beyond. But there is also something to be said for rewarding loyalty and perseverance. Employees who reach significant milestones of service deserve to be honored. Thank them for their service in internal communications, your company’s website, or during an employee meeting.

7.   Support an Employee’s Favorite Charity

If there’s a charity that is particularly near and dear to an employee’s heart, donating to that organization in their honor could have a deeper meaning than any gift you could hand them.

Show Your Appreciation and Keep Top Talent

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